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Let’s go spend some money

I’ve spent my life being cheap. So I’m always ready for the next layoff. Here are budget tips and money saving advice to ease unemployment stress.

Start crying, but keep trying

Unemployment figures may be bad, but there are also job search opportunities. In this article, an unemployed blogger gives tips from his experience.

The only job I’ll ever need, if I can get it…

A jobless man discovers the perfect job and then realizes he might not be cut out for it.

Why can’t the holidays be everyday?

A jobless guy’s pep talk to himself

Not the clothes off my back

A fashion guide to unemployment

Toy story: the recession edition

Watching a toy store close from my bedroom window

Music for the day off that should have been

What unemployment sounds like when your music tastes are as great as mine…

Without football, unemployment gets a little harder

A grateful fan’s lament that his team’s season is over

Merry Christmas, and get the hell out of my way!

Pushy Christmas shoppers in Jackson Heights

Unemployed and signing up for Beyond.com

An article about signing up for Beyond.com.