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Stories of the unemployed with rich daddies and boyfriends or money in the bank

New York magazine decided to steal my idea and tell the stories of unemployed New Yorkers… My Laid-Off Life They picked seven people from the jobless middle class masses and lent them the services of a professional writer. If only their stories were as interesting, engaging, exciting, moving, gripping, captivating, intriging, refreshing, enjoyable, glamorous, thought-provoking […]

Don’t believe your unemployed friends at the gym

Unemployment benefit extensions seem to work just like regular unemployment benefits

Companies have the unemployed right where they want them

Further evidence that employers (not the unemployed) have the upper hand

Music for Friday, which feels like every other day when you’re jobless

Today’ music selections for the unemployed

My first layoff – how it all began

The story of my first layoff. Many more would follow, but this one holds a special place in my heart.