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Opening a store… the solution to my unemployment woes

The Great Recession is stopping me and millions of people from finding a job. We’ve all seen the unemployment numbers, and they aren’t good. But this doesn’t seem to be keeping entrepreneurial types from opening stores in Jackson Heights. Every time one closes – which seems to be often – another pops up within a […]

The grouch man cometh

The subway station wasn’t crowded, particularly for morning rush hour in Jackson Heights. The main section is wide open besides, to accommodate the swarms of commuters who weren’t there. I swiped my fare card and moved toward the stairs. An old man – probably in his 80s, but probably not Wilfred Brimley – approached the […]

The iPhone killer is here… meet the i-wood

Apple makes some great products. I have a Mac, and hope to buy another one when it explodes, spreading blog and job search shrapnel throughout the greater Jackson Heights area. The iPhones I see and hear on the subway, in the grocery store, at the gym and everywhere else that isn’t my apartment look just […]

Unemployment makes me hate babies (and probably other small, cute things)

I hate babies, and I’m a terrible person. At least that’s how I felt Friday evening on a sidewalk in midtown, when I turned down a charity collecting money for babies. The conversation didn’t progress far enough to reveal what about babies needed funding. They could have been a charity that gives tiny Rolexes and […]

Sometimes people surprise me

Making good use of my unlimited subway pass, I hit the Midtown branch of my gym yesterday. The 11:00 a.m. weekday crowd is always light for some reason; maybe people have somewhere else to be. After my workout, I pushed through the wind and snow back to the train. The fruit guy—who was braving the […]

Short job interview, long train ride

I had today what might be the shortest job interview ever. Final determination from the Guinness World Record people is still pending; the Sarah Palin vetting committee may still have me beat. To give you a better sense of time elapsed, here are some things I did today that took longer… Cleaned up cat barf. […]

Want job security? Sell fruit in Manhattan

The fruit guy has more job security than I ever did. I’ve been laid off and unemployed 4 times in 8 years, but he’s still selling fruit on the same corner.