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Stimulus package makes COBRA your new best friend

COBRA might now be the unemployed person’s best friend (sorry, dog and PS3). People generally associate it with losing their jobs (through no fault of their own) and paying a lot of money (they don’t have) each month for health insurance that they’d rather not use. Who wants to lose their job and pay full […]

The stimulus package passed and I’m still unemployed (wtf)

Yesterday President Obama signed the new $787 billion stimulus package into law. And much to my chagrin, I’m still sitting at my desk unemployed. I thought for sure that the sky would rain $100 bills, all my school loans would be forgiven and the president himself would come by to give me the deed on a Manhattan […]

Start crying, but keep trying

Unemployment figures may be bad, but there are also job search opportunities. In this article, an unemployed blogger gives tips from his experience.