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Search Engine Strategies from the cheap seats

I started the unemployment blog Jobless and Less to get back in the habit of writing everyday, improve my marketing skills and stay off the streets. My thinking was (and is) that beefing up the resume with relevant skills could only help in the job search. Months later I’m still unemployed and finding companies to […]

Networking event for the notworking… more unemployment fun

I hate networking events. Let me rephrase that. I despise networking events as the unholy creations they are. They fall somewhere below gefilte fish and riding the 7 express train during rush hour on a rainy day after a service delay. I’d rather perform an emergency tracheotomy on myself with a Bic pen. The what-I-despise-most […]

Search Engine Strategies affords the chance to learn and network

This upcoming week may turn out to be the busiest of unemployment so far. In addition to lunch meetings, networking events and the usual job search activities, I will be attending Search Engine Strategies (SES) in midtown. This event is the leading international conference series for webmasters, digital agencies, online marketers and corporate decision makers. […]