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I’m an unemployed lumberjack, and I’m okay

I don’t wish I were a woman. Being a manly, guy-type creature of the male species works for me. It’s nice to have a built-in excuse for my noises, smells and propensity to stop channel surfing on any sports-related event. (I actually just watched a replay of an all-star high school football game while eating […]

While the owner is away, the pets do nothing all day

Two questions have plagued pet owners for ages. What does my pet do all day while I’m at work? And am I a bad person for leaving them alone? Let’s take care of the second and easier question first. Yes, you’re a terrible person who doesn’t deserve to live. As for the first, the answer […]

Note to HR… be nice to the unemployed

[Welcome to my first guest post… pretty damn exciting. Ben is a talented and unemployed media professional looking for work in this difficult market. His article highlights some of his recent experiences, good and bad.] Ben Breier, 23, was a reporter and web producer for the New York Observer’s Politicker.com, a political news network that […]

Layoffs from the boss’s perspective

As an expert in layoff-ology and a layoff victim many times over, I have difficulty empathizing with the people doing the layoffs. But I’ve never been in their position, nor frankly thought much about their plight. I’m usually too busy saying goodbye to co-workers and packing up my stuff to worry about my boss and […]

Start crying, but keep trying

Unemployment figures may be bad, but there are also job search opportunities. In this article, an unemployed blogger gives tips from his experience.