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Monday music makes me morose

The hills are alive with the sound of unemployment

Music for the day off that should have been

What unemployment sounds like when your music tastes are as great as mine…

Radio is terrible

The only good songs I heard on the radio all week

Music for Friday, which feels like every other day when you’re jobless

Today’ music selections for the unemployed

More Music (11/20)

Today’s soundtrack for unemployment

Music today… and by today I mean yesterday

The score to my joblessness

Music yesterday (11/18, that is)

Unemployment – at least I control the stereo

The music I’ve been playing all day while you were at work and I was looking for a job

My music taste, if only someone would pay me for it

Music recently

The music playing on my stereo

Music 11/10/08

So while I wasn’t feeling the job search, I did get to listen to music all day. Who said unemployment can’t rock? The Clientele – The Violet Hour Riverside – One The High Violets – Satellite Remixes The Verve – Forth Failure – Fantastic Planet Pete Yorn – Nightcrawler Iron And Wine – The Shepherd’s […]