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How job sites annoy me… let me count the ways

Job sites annoy me. It admittedly doesn’t take much, given my current unemployed state. I’ve yet to encounter one that provides the ideal job search experience, if something so oxymoronic even exists. Every job site, from the all-encompassing (Monster, HotJobs), to the industry-specific (American Marketing Association, Media Bistro), to the company-specific (Joe’s Burritos and Plumbing […]

Jobless and less and more, but also less

I wrote the following post for The Wall Street Journal blog “Laid Off And Looking” a little while back… Getting Help After Multiple Layoffs The piece discussed the Obama administration’s policy in Iraq and Afghanistan and the political and social repercussions in a nation fighting many battles at home and abroad. Or maybe it explored […]

More opportunities for the unemployed

I just received an interesting email from someone at M80, who reached out to me on behalf of the new Monster.com. I don’t really know what’s new about it. Maybe it’s now a robot – a scary, job-finding, monster robot. But I digress. Monster.com is running an exciting promotion with the NFL, so I figured […]