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Adventures in bus riding, part 1

Traveling long distance by bus is terrible. How terrible is it? You really want to know? Can I get a “how terrible is it, Norm?” It’s so terrible that it requires a second (and third) post to fully appreciate the heights, err, depths, err, breadth of… well, it’s really bad. And for those wondering, I […]

A weekend when the weeks don’t seem to end

Weekends lose some of their punch in unemployment. Wifey is home, which, of course, is a good thing, even if I have to minimize the instrumental bleepy bloopy music and cat torturing. (For the record, they do purr while flying or scratching miniature turntables… or groan. Let’s go with purr.) But my Saturdays and Sundays […]

Federal government to the rescue

My dad left me a message the other day. He was calling to check in, offer some encouragement in my job search and mention an interesting piece of info he’d seen. A big employer is hiring, maybe the biggest. The federal government has all kinds of openings in various locations, across departments and industries. And […]

Temp agency work sometimes necessary, always sucks

Temping can make you a little extra money. But don’t do it instead of collecting unemployment. And keep your larger job search goals in mind.

Radio is terrible

The only good songs I heard on the radio all week