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A place where the unemployed blogger people run free

I need a new place to go blog and be unemployed during the day with my computer… ok, with wifey’s computer. My requirements are simple. It has to be reasonably close to home, or at least in NYC. It has to be cheap (by which I mean free) and near food and a bathroom. It […]

Layoff Tracker roars past the half million mark!

The Jobless and Less Layoff Tracker¬†roared past the half million mark yesterday, landing at 548,549 announced layoffs. This is an exciting moment in the short history of my blog and the long history of our country. And by exciting, I mean absolutely terrifying.¬† It seems like only four months ago I was being laid off, […]

Unemployed and going to a weekday matinee

A weekday afternoon movie is possible when unemployed. But it’s about the most depressing unemployment experience you can pay for, even if the movie’s good.

Even in unemployment I can’t get away from the Empire State Building

Story about how the Empire State Building seems to follow me

A new work spot

Places to do work if you’re not cool enough to live in Brooklyn

Santa rides the E train

Story of how I met Santa Claus on the subway