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Layoff Survival Guide

“Layoff Survival Guide” was a panel discussion I recently attended. This blog article outlines the unemployment tips I learned.

Stories of the unemployed with rich daddies and boyfriends or money in the bank

New York magazine decided to steal my idea and tell the stories of unemployed New Yorkers… My Laid-Off Life They picked seven people from the jobless middle class masses and lent them the services of a professional writer. If only their stories were as interesting, engaging, exciting, moving, gripping, captivating, intriging, refreshing, enjoyable, glamorous, thought-provoking […]

Taking stock of your career, the kind of stock that’s still worth something

Two questions to ask yourself when laid off

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Signs that layoffs may be coming to your company

More layoffs – even NPR hates its employees

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One reason to stay in bed today

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School networking events

Alma maters try to help me find a job

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Santa rides the E train

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