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Without football, unemployment gets a little harder

A grateful fan’s lament that his team’s season is over

Companies have the unemployed right where they want them

Further evidence that employers (not the unemployed) have the upper hand

Unemployed and signing up for Beyond.com

An article about signing up for Beyond.com.

Job site Mondays

Combing the job sites with your jobless tour guide

Taking stock of your career, the kind of stock that’s still worth something

Two questions to ask yourself when laid off

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How to be prepared for family events and conversations about unemployment.

One reason to stay in bed today

Depressing unemployment news…

My first layoff – how it all began

The story of my first layoff. Many more would follow, but this one holds a special place in my heart.

Career training courtesy of the NY Department of Labor

The NY Department of Labor requires career training to collect unemployment. Read about my visit to their offices, which wasn’t as painful as it could have been.

Networking for the Slightly Shy, the Reserved and the Downright Introverted

Story about a networking event about networking… so very meta