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Stimulus package makes COBRA your new best friend

COBRA might now be the unemployed person’s best friend (sorry, dog and PS3). People generally associate it with losing their jobs (through no fault of their own) and paying a lot of money (they don’t have) each month for health insurance that they’d rather not use. Who wants to lose their job and pay full […]

Temp to perm actually works sometimes

They’ll never know I’m not really working. My last temp assignment was in the office for a hospice-type care center. Hospice care essentially keeps terminally ill patients comfortable while they die. Some patients do recover or carry on for some length of time, but most don’t. On the official list of jolly, happy, fun-time places, […]

Temp agency work sometimes necessary, always sucks

Temping can make you a little extra money. But don’t do it instead of collecting unemployment. And keep your larger job search goals in mind.