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The Queens unemployment workout

Unemployment took away my last excuse not to go to the gym… work. And for that I will never forgive it. If you’re reading this, unemployment, consider yourself out of the will. The cats now get my ever-shrinking pile of assets. (Wifey will have to take it up with the furry ones.) My gym membership […]

The cycle of feeling sorry for myself

Every so often a funk grabs a hold of me, for no good reason. And not the sequined Rick James funk of awesomeness either. I feel sorry for myself. I lament my unemployment and the general state of my life. I start to envy all the things everyone else has and I don’t – big […]

Sometimes people surprise me

Making good use of my unlimited subway pass, I hit the Midtown branch of my gym yesterday. The 11:00 a.m. weekday crowd is always light for some reason; maybe people have somewhere else to be. After my workout, I pushed through the wind and snow back to the train. The fruit guy—who was braving the […]

Unemployed and going to a weekday matinee

A weekday afternoon movie is possible when unemployed. But it’s about the most depressing unemployment experience you can pay for, even if the movie’s good.

Don’t believe your unemployed friends at the gym

Unemployment benefit extensions seem to work just like regular unemployment benefits