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Does one little unemployment blogger even stand a chance?

People lose their jobs everyday. It happens in good economic times and bad, in every city and town across the country. My day was eight months ago. Someone else’s was four months later or last week. Believe it or not someone was also hired on each of those days, maybe even at the exact moment […]

The Queens unemployment workout

Unemployment took away my last excuse not to go to the gym… work. And for that I will never forgive it. If you’re reading this, unemployment, consider yourself out of the will. The cats now get my ever-shrinking pile of assets. (Wifey will have to take it up with the furry ones.) My gym membership […]

Jobless and less, or so it seems

I’m starting to think that people actually like me, or my blog, or a career train wreck they can watch from a safe distance. Or maybe everyone is just bored to tears of job sites and their incessantly optimistic emails. Whatever the circumstances, a really cool site called FLYP has included me in an article […]

Why can’t the holidays be everyday?

A jobless guy’s pep talk to himself