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The unemployed guide to taxes

I like doing my own taxes. And, no, I’m not insane, at least not like the buy cheap synthroid drunk guy dressed as a female clown who rides his three-wheel bike around my neighborhood with a live parrot on his shoulder. My insanity – since that’s what it probably is – is more pedestrian and middle class. There’s […]

The cycle of feeling sorry for myself

Every so often a funk grabs a hold of proscar buy uk me, for no good reason. And not the sequined Rick James funk of awesomeness either. I feel sorry for myself. I lament my unemployment and the general state of my life. I start to buy generic lasix envy all the things everyone else has and I don’t – big […]

Unemployment is the birthday present I’ve always dreamed about

Being unemployed on my birthday is kind of a downer. I’m just sayin’… for anybody pondering unemployment as a celebration activity. Go with a nice dinner and a cake, or maybe a weekend in Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, there are some upsides – more time, less work, fewer responsibilities. But there’s also one major […]

Unemployment isn’t what it used to be

Unemployment isn’t measured like during The Great Depression. Current figures should higher. This blog article compares and decides which recession is buy levitra no prescription worse.