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High school reunions come and go, but Saved by the Bell is forever

Has it really been that long since high school? Am I really that old? I still kind of feel the same, at least after ten hours of sleep and a couple cups of coffee. I still look about the same, when I wear my mullet wig and sing Def Leppard songs into my hairbrush in […]

My college just wants to take my money and make me feel bad

Every few months my undergrad alma mater sends me another edition of the college magazine. Anybody who’s given their college their current contact info knows exactly what I’m talking about. These magazines portray college life at your school today, at least a college life in which everyone is happy and studious and great things are […]

Layoff Survival Guide

“Layoff Survival Guide” was a panel discussion I recently attended. This blog article outlines the unemployment tips I learned.

School networking events

Alma maters try to help me find a job

Networking for the Slightly Shy, the Reserved and the Downright Introverted

Story about a networking event about networking… so very meta

Music recently

The music playing on my stereo