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The curse of unemployment

Looking for a job is sort of an all-or-nothing deal. Either you find one, or you don’t. I haven’t, for seven months. There’s some comfort to be had in knowing that the job market stinks. Companies continue to layoff employees, and those hiring receive millions of resumes, even for that freelance position scraping burnt gunk […]

Recession Survival Fair – June 6

Unemployment doesn’t leave me huge amounts of free time. On the contrary, I tend to stay pretty damn busy. Even days with light schedules tend to fill up quickly with other activities that had been pushed down the to-do list. While I’ve been bored often – job sites don’t make for interesting reading – I […]

Jobless and less and more, but also less

I wrote the following post for The Wall Street Journal blog “Laid Off And Looking” a little while back… Getting Help After Multiple Layoffs The piece discussed the Obama administration’s policy in Iraq and Afghanistan and the political and social repercussions in a nation fighting many battles at home and abroad. Or maybe it explored […]

Take my wife… but have her back by next week

I received a pretty awesome email last week… so awesome that I immediately forwarded it to wifey with the message, “I’ll file this under WTF.” She fainted from excitement; it seems this email marked the first step in fulfilling a lifelong dream. Her coworkers brought her back to consciousness with Ethel Merman tunes and smelling […]

Layoff and the apartment that never was

Wifey told me one evening last week that someone bought our apartment. She was scrolling through a real estate agent’s website while awaiting her next turn at Lexulous. I was sitting at the dining room table a few feet away, probably screwing around with Twitter. I asked what she was talking about, as I am […]

New Forums section to discuss all things unemployment

I’m honored and amazed that my little unemployment blog draws such interesting and insightful comments. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to respond. It helps me through my day. I’m thinking that there are other valuable discussions out there waiting to happen among readers. Unemployment and the difficult economy touch everyone […]

AIG bonuses are not the problem

It seems the country has gone and gotten itself all wound up about this whole AIG thing. Why do these greedy executives get huge bonuses – paid for by taxpayers – while everyone else is losing jobs, homes and retirement savings? Where’s my fair share, my big fat check? No, not the weekly unemployment check […]