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Hat, meet gift box… a holiday temp job to get me out of the apartment

After visiting the mall this weekend, I’m extra happy that temporary holiday season job at the big department store fell through. What a horrible nightmare of crowds and slush and noise. Holiday spending may be down, but holiday shopping is alive and well. As is the Queens Christmas spirit, which translates into lots of pushing […]

The holiday season job I didn’t want and didn’t get, part 2

[Read the holiday season job post, part 1 so this post makes sense.] A security woman sat at the front desk – really more of a maitre d’  stand with a stool nestled in a corner – and glared at me. She seemed to want to rip my head off or fall asleep. I couldn’t […]

Advertising Week… unemployment still weaker

Many of the daily emails I receive are useless. They may even be less than useless, costing me two seconds to delete, two seconds I could have spent scratching myself or staring off into space. The nextNY newsletter is actually worth the time. The first of the week gives a huge list of technology events […]

Recession Survival Fair – June 6

Unemployment doesn’t leave me huge amounts of free time. On the contrary, I tend to stay pretty damn busy. Even days with light schedules tend to fill up quickly with other activities that had been pushed down the to-do list. While I’ve been bored often – job sites don’t make for interesting reading – I […]

Search Engine Strategies from the cheap seats

I started the unemployment blog Jobless and Less to get back in the habit of writing everyday, improve my marketing skills and stay off the streets. My thinking was (and is) that beefing up the resume with relevant skills could only help in the job search. Months later I’m still unemployed and finding companies to […]

Search Engine Strategies affords the chance to learn and network

This upcoming week may turn out to be the busiest of unemployment so far. In addition to lunch meetings, networking events and the usual job search activities, I will be attending Search Engine Strategies (SES) in midtown. This event is the leading international conference series for webmasters, digital agencies, online marketers and corporate decision makers. […]

Santa rides the E train

Story of how I met Santa Claus on the subway