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Unemployment is the new Dengue Fever

It’s the slacking hour once again – that time of day when you should be doing something productive but you’re not, and you don’t care. Maybe you’ve been hard at work – head buried in memos and Excel spreadsheets – and need a break. Maybe the kids are down for the count and you’re aimlessly […]

Jobless and less is more

I’ve always wanted to yell, “Are you ready to rock?” or “Thank you, (insert city name here)” from an arena stage, as bright lights and screams rain down. It seems I’m a little closer to my goal in Salt Lake City, UT and Pittsburgh, PA. An article about me and Jobless and Less by freelance […]

Demoted from the middle class

Keep it moving there, slacker. Ever feel like the world is just piling on? Not only am I unemployed, I got demoted again today. Scrolling through the day’s job announcement emails, I discovered that I am no longer middle class… N.Y.C. so costly you need to earn six figures to make middle class The NY […]

Free money, but you missed it (ha ha!)

Yesterday morning a guy calling himself Bailout Bill handed out money in Times Square. Amounts ranged from $50 to $5000, probably based on the recipient’s tale of woe or the quality of their performance. I was working out in a gym 17 blocks away, oblivious to what might be the only money changing hands in […]

Layoffs from the boss’s perspective

As an expert in layoff-ology and a layoff victim many times over, I have difficulty empathizing with the people doing the layoffs. But I’ve never been in their position, nor frankly thought much about their plight. I’m usually too busy saying goodbye to co-workers and packing up my stuff to worry about my boss and […]

Want job security? Sell fruit in Manhattan

The fruit guy has more job security than I ever did. I’ve been laid off and unemployed 4 times in 8 years, but he’s still selling fruit on the same corner.

Jobless and even more

Employment blog Work Life Monitor has an article about Norm Elrod and his unemployment blog Jobless and Less. No need to congratulate me, just throw money.

Unemployment isn’t what it used to be

Unemployment isn’t measured like during The Great Depression. Current figures should higher. This blog article compares and decides which recession is worse.

Jobless and more

Norm Elrod’s Jobless and Less blog is mentioned in an article on His blog about layoffs and unemployment is on the cutting edge it would seem…

Start crying, but keep trying

Unemployment figures may be bad, but there are also job search opportunities. In this article, an unemployed blogger gives tips from his experience.