Unemployed snow day photo exhibition

I love a good snow day, even when there’s nothing to stay home from. What kid, or kid at heart, doesn’t? To this day, the news radio chimes make me hope for the words, “Montgomery County schools will be closed today,” no matter the time or season. A snow day is special, a surprise holiday, a day off from my problems. It has a calmness to it. Life stopped late last night and will pick up early tomorrow morning. For now, I’m on snow time.

Queens is blanketed by over a foot of snow. It’s currently coming down sideways. I can see out my window for a couple blocks, beyond the subway tracks to the hospital. The Citigroup and Empire State Building have disappeared into the gray. The streets are empty, aside from the occasional car swishing by. The neon store signs are on, but nobody is out shopping. Everything is muffled, quiet. If only my neighborhood were always this way. If only every day were a snow day.

Around 3:00 this afternoon, I asked wifey via IM how the snow looked from work. Her company is on the second floor and has big windows overlooking the street. She couldn’t tell from her cubicle, and was too busy to go look. She asked me to take some pictures of our neighborhood in the blizzard. This made me think, “I should take some pictures of our neighborhood in the blizzard.” And so I did, from the living room window, on the street and off of the subway platform.

The results probably won’t find their way onto an art gallery wall. But who needs an art gallery when we have the Internet, the world’s biggest and best and worst art gallery? So I present to you the Unemployed Snow Day Photo Exhibition…

[I’ll pause here for you to make some hot chocolate and settle in. Those of you in warmer climates can hum the Jeopardy! theme song and imagine Alex Trebek without his toupee.]

Okay, now I present to you the Unemployed Snow Day Photo Exhibition, starring Jackson Heights, some random people of dubious citizenship who probably wouldn’t want their pictures posted online and Snowden S. Snowberry, the star of the show…

Jackson Heights panorama during snowstorm 1

The view from my window looks like a snow globe, a really dirty snow globe.

Elmhurst Hospital in Queens during snowstorm

This is Elmhurst Hospital, one of the buildings I’d drive by if I ever needed a hospital.

Jackson Heights through fire escape bars

Imprisoned by unemployment, until someone throws me over the ledge for using really bad symbolism.

83 St. in Jackson Heights during snowstorm

I picked the perfect day to play in the street.

7 train and Roosevelt Ave. in Jackson Heights

The cleanest you’ll ever see Roosevelt Ave.

Rooftops in Jackson Heights during snowstorm

If you close your eyes, it looks just like Paris, during a blackout.

82nd Street subway sign

I have no idea where I took this. I really need to lay off the highballs at breakfast… and lunch.

View of 83rd St. in Jackson Heights from subway platform 1

Who knew there were trees in Queens?

7 Train in the snow

If 7 is a lucky number, why does the train always leave a minute before I get there?

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