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Adventures in unemployment… trial membership at the fancy gym

I was walking down Broadway last Friday evening, south of Madison Square Park but north of Union Square. This is a ritzy part of town, where nannies pay other nannies to push strollers and restaurants offer $25 lunch specials one week a year, by reservation only. Design Within Reach – whose name assumes the customer […]

Twittering my life away (2009-09-28)

#Unemployed people hiking the Appalachian Trail… # A job site that has a little different take on things… # Going to #AdWeek to do a little networking. I will find a #job yet. # Many #Adweek sessions are so general as to be useless. # See that guy @ #AdWeek without an #iPhone… […]

How job sites annoy me… let me count the ways

Job sites annoy me. It admittedly doesn’t take much, given my current unemployed state. I’ve yet to encounter one that provides the ideal job search experience, if something so oxymoronic even exists. Every job site, from the all-encompassing (Monster, HotJobs), to the industry-specific (American Marketing Association, Media Bistro), to the company-specific (Joe’s Burritos and Plumbing […]

Twittering my life away (2009-09-21)

I am so happy to discover that "crapulous" is a real word. # I'll just start a garden on my fire escape. That will save me some money… # Inconspicuous consumption isn't nearly as much fun… # Is another extension of unemployment benefits coming… #

The recession is over, but high unemployment remains

The Great Recession is over. At least that’s what everyone keeps telling me. The S&P 500 gained 15.2% from April to June for its best quarter since the fourth quarter of 1998. Retail sales rose 2.7% in August. Existing home sales rose 7.2% in July from a year earlier, to a two-year high. Happy days […]

“Coming to America” is alive and well in Queens

After a long day of not finding a job, it’s relaxing to engage in an even more mindless activity. Channel surfing, second to sleeping, is the greatest time-waster ever created. My thumb and a few buttons on the remote control give me 200 stations of useless television programming, and occasionally something worth watching. I always […]

Twittering my life away (2009-09-14)

Why does my #wireless connection come and go? # Mock fantasy football drafts are oh so addictive. # We may be #unemployed and broke, but we're still going to the #spa… # I wish the local pan flute players would discover other songs besides the Titanic theme and El Condor Pasa. # No more […]

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game

My employer and I parted ways last October. I wasn’t blind-sided or steamrolled by the layoff, but the hit really cleaned my clock and rung my bell. The incident was unfortunate, though inevitable. With the failing economy, the company wasn’t getting the job done on either side of the ball. They were in search of […]

Vacation from unemployment, part 4

How much can a broke unemployed guy possibly enjoy himself on a ten-day vacation? More to the point, how much can he can have to say about it? We’ve reached the fourth and final installment of my vacation saga. So now you have the answers… four posts worth, given a forum, some free time and […]

Twittering my life away (2009-09-07)

The #recession has even hit the drug dealers… # Can I put a new #job on #layaway? That's what I really need… # Where does all the #time go? Who knew #unemployment could be so damn busy? # Can't find a #job? Blame on old people… # How low would you go […]