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Twittering my life away (2009-08-31)

More ramblings from my blog: Vacation from une… #unemployment, # Don't say, "that's a good question" when it's clearly not a good question. # More ramblings from my blog: Another interview leads to disappointment # Seeing Distric 9 with wifey on a school day. # Putting a face to every worker affected by […]

Vacation from unemployment, part 3

After Montreal, we ventured out into the great Canadian wilderness, to live off the land and sleep under the stars. I grew up camping with my family; we were known as tent people. Okay, so technically I grew up in a house, but that was only 50-51 weeks out of the year. The rest of […]

Another interview leads to disappointment

[Ben thought he had a new job this time… until he didn’t. His latest experience got him wondering just how his fate can depend on someone who has less experience than he does.] Ben Breier, 23, was a reporter and web producer for the New York Observer’s, a political news network that suffered massive […]

Vacation from unemployment, part 2

Wifey and I enjoy flying to fancy, far-off places – like France, Crete and Wyoming – where people dress and speak funny. We also like to tack on road-trips to the end of those long plane rides. For one of my favorite vacations, we flew to Sioux Falls, SD, rented a car and drove across […]

Twittering my life away (2009-08-24)

Game shows are the answer to #unemployment… # In support of suing your school when you can't find a job… # Paying for an internship, that's rich… # Links to entirely too many #job search blogs… # How can my clean gym shirt smell before I workout? # If I retire […]

Vacation from unemployment, part 1

The internet must have felt a little emptier last week, like a good friend had gone missing. It’s okay to admit it; you’re not alone. Just ask my cats, they’ll tell you, over and over, in their annoying whiny cat language. Then one of them will barf a juicy hairball on your shoe. That missing […]

Don’t let desperation cloud your judgment

[Ben continues to fight the good fight, looking for work wherever he might find it. He fell a little short of the promised land in his last post. This time, well, he’s even further away and feeling a little desperate.] Ben Breier, 23, was a reporter and web producer for the New York Observer’s, […]

Twittering my life away (2009-08-10)

Only in #NYC and maybe SF can you have coffee in a swank cafe across from a homeless guy sleeping on a bench. # #Unemployed college grad sues her school for tuition reimbursement… # In the last 5 minutes, it officially became too hot to go without AC. # Laundry day always makes me […]

These are the people in my neighborhood

Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? Say, who are the people in your neighborhood? The people that you meet each day Once upon a time I had a job. Or maybe I just dreamt it up to kill time between layoffs. The neighborhood where I worked was […]

Twittering my life away (2009-08-03)

#Unemployed stuff to do list… # I just saw an job listing for an entry level consultant. How do you consult if you don't know anything? # Hanging out at a job fair with Korean reporters is a very odd experience. # All the blocks around my apartment are blocked off because of a […]