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Twittering my life away (2009-07-06)

Wouldn't it be nice to be #unemployed and travel… # Even #unemployed, I have too much to do in a day. # I'm sitting in an empty coffee shop. Does that mean everyone else found a job? # I'm still sitting in a coffee shop. It's amazing how many people haven't mastered opening a […]

The curse of unemployment

Looking for a job is sort of an all-or-nothing deal. Either you find one, or you don’t. I haven’t, for seven months. There’s some comfort to be had in knowing that the job market stinks. Companies continue to layoff employees, and those hiring receive millions of resumes, even for that freelance position scraping burnt gunk […]

I’m an unemployed lumberjack, and I’m okay

I don’t wish I were a woman. Being a manly, guy-type creature of the male species works for me. It’s nice to have a built-in excuse for my noises, smells and propensity to stop channel surfing on any sports-related event. (I actually just watched a replay of an all-star high school football game while eating […]