Monthly Archives: July 2009

My New York anniversary

It’s my ten-year New York anniversary. In July of 1999, I moved here on a day a little warmer than today. In honor of the occasion, I’m expecting a gift of tin, as tradition dictates. Aluminum would be okay too, me being the modren man, with parts made in Japan (domo arigato). eHow tells me […]

Twittering my life away (2009-07-27)

It's 68 degrees in July, yet my apartment is still an oven, wtf? # I think I'm getting too used to #unemployment. # The #Recession 101 billboard campaign… interesting, but no answers… # The #recession may end soon, but #unemployment will go on… # Pouring rain and bright sun is a freaky combination. […]

Summertime, and the living is sweaty

The date on my calendar is July 23, at least it was when I started this post. School-age kids crowd neighborhood stores and street corners during the day. Michael Bay has arranged some explosions to resemble a movie and released it into theaters. All evidence suggests that summer is in full swing in my fair […]

Adventures in bus riding, part 2

My bus trip to DC featured a typical cast of knuckleheads. But the trip back was special, short bus special even. (Like how I bring it all together?) I arrived at the station at 7:45 a.m. to find the line winding all the way back to the exit. The previous two buses didn’t run, we […]

Twittering my life away (2009-07-20)

Time to turn on the AC. I think I've saved enough money and sweated enough today. #unemployment # I've recently seen job listings at 2 companies that laid me off. At this point I'd probably go back. #unemployment # It turns out you can watch full movies on YouTube in 10-minute chunks. I just wasted […]

Adventures in bus riding, part 1

Traveling long distance by bus is terrible. How terrible is it? You really want to know? Can I get a “how terrible is it, Norm?” It’s so terrible that it requires a second (and third) post to fully appreciate the heights, err, depths, err, breadth of… well, it’s really bad. And for those wondering, I […]

My dream… to not ride the bus

I haven’t had a car in ten years. There’s just no need for one in New York. I live right by the subway, which can take me pretty much everywhere worth going. (That’s right Staten Island, you’re worthless. I said it. You smell funny and all your names end in “kill.”) Owning a car around […]

Twittering my life away (2009-07-13)

I'm not a huge #Ben Folds fan, but his new album, Way To Normal, is actually pretty solid. # A site organizing #unemployed people to meet up and get drunk during the day… # A film about 4 ex-stock broker trainees who reject corporate life and start a snocone stand… #unemployment # A […]

Does one little unemployment blogger even stand a chance?

People lose their jobs everyday. It happens in good economic times and bad, in every city and town across the country. My day was eight months ago. Someone else’s was four months later or last week. Believe it or not someone was also hired on each of those days, maybe even at the exact moment […]

Opening a store… the solution to my unemployment woes

The Great Recession is stopping me and millions of people from finding a job. We’ve all seen the unemployment numbers, and they aren’t good. But this doesn’t seem to be keeping entrepreneurial types from opening stores in Jackson Heights. Every time one closes – which seems to be often – another pops up within a […]