Where, oh where can I be?

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Wifey and I don’t watch that much current TV. I kind of keep up with The Daily Show. Accurate and unbiased news has to come from somewhere, and that Jon Stewart guy seems like the trustworthy sort. Wifey breaks down doors to see the white trash train wreck that is Bret Michaels’ love life. Both of us enjoy Mad Men. Beyond that, I’m all about cartoons, football and M*A*S*H (maudlin, post-Henry Blake M*A*S*H, that is) when I do watch. And she’s all about old and/or foreign movies starring dead people and/or portraying dying people. I know, I know. Why would anyone sit through that stuff when talking fast-food, hillbilly squid and foul-mouthed kids are just a channel click away?

We do watch a lot of TV on DVD after the fact. If everyone else has seen it, talked about it, bought it for their relatives at Christmas and moved on, we’re all over it. Cliffhangers and commercials are overrated anyway. And who really wants to be part of the office water cooler and online message board conversations that the cool kids are having? Not me… stupid cool kids, with their jobs and their computers and their socializing.

Lost” is our current obsession. Up until a couple weeks ago, I only knew that the hunky Party of Five guy and a hobbit had a show on an island, and s**t went down. The “s**t went down” part was more of an assumption. Because for there to be a TV drama, s**t really kind of has to go down. No one wants to watch a bunch of people getting along fine and being friends.  I’d managed to miss five seasons of maybe the most popular show on TV and all the surrounding chatter – a testament to my god-like powers of obliviousness. It’s genetic.

I wasn’t all that jazzed about watching the show anyway. When wifey suggested we undertake another series on DVD, I voted for “The Wire.” She voted for “Lost.” The election ended in a tie, meaning I lost… again. “The Wire” will make it to the top of our playlist one of these years. And when it does, I’ll happily watch it on my new video hologram playback device that recreates the images life-size right in front of my eyes, or whatever entertainment technology the year 2050 holds. Of course I will be 147 years old then, and probably unable to see, hear or stay awake past the opening credits.

We started out leisurely watching maybe one or two episodes of “Lost” each night. The speed of Netflix and the U.S. Postal Service dictated our viewing. But when we borrowed the first four seasons from friends, all bets were off. We watched eight episodes this past weekend alone.

We’re currently two thirds of the way through season two. [SPOILER ALERT] The two groups of castaways are best buddies now. They’re holding one of The Others prisoner and kicking his ass with some frequency. But he’s starting to get in Locke’s head, so I’m guessing some more s**t is about to go down. Kate, Claire and “that weird French chick” found the lab where Claire was detained and drugged. Mr. Eko (whom I will address formally until he tells me otherwise) and Charlie are building a church. And at the end of the last episode, Michael, who was looking for his son, Walt, stumbled out of the jungle looking a little worse for wear. But for all the activity, it seems some complacency is setting in among the castaways. They’re resigned to stay on the island. [END SPOILER ALERT]

I’m hooked, but wifey is completely obsessed. She would watch the show continuously, one episode after another, while hooked up to a NoDoz and liquid nourishment IV and a catheter if her schedule permitted. But it doesn’t, so she settles for two or three episodes each night and fills the downtime scanning message board entries related to the episodes we’d just watched.

You’d think it would be the other way around, that I’d be the one obsessing. She has a job and a life. I don’t. I sit around all day blogging (which lately means fixing all the problems from the WordPress 2.8 upgrade) and looking for work. Her time is precious and worth every penny of her salary. Mine is abundant, and worth about $430 per week, roughly $10 per hour after taxes, given a 40-hour workweek (good times). I should have plenty of time and need for distraction.

But my every day is full of stuff to do, with much left over at the end. I may get bored, but never from inactivity. I’ve long since settled into a routine and, dare I admit, grown comfortable. That’s kind of scary, when I stop to think about it… not freaky desert island scary, but still. I’m almost completely acclimated to unemployment. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to go to work every morning. What’s going to happen when I find a job? Am I subconsciously easing up on my search efforts? My deadline – the end of my unemployment benefits – gets closer everyday. Will I be able to readjust? Do I want to? Like characters on the show, I have many questions and few answers. I’m marooned and looking for a way out that continues to elude me. And I see the signs of complacency.

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