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A man and his cookie – a dream comes true… a Lifetime original movie, presented by Nabisco

Jackson Heights is known for great food, and much of it inexpensive. Four of New York Magazine’s top five food carts set up near my apartment. Some of the city’s best Thai food is within walking distance. And Pio Pio, what the food Gods envisioned when they made chicken edible, is also just a jaunt […]

The grouch man cometh

The subway station wasn’t crowded, particularly for morning rush hour in Jackson Heights. The main section is wide open besides, to accommodate the swarms of commuters who weren’t there. I swiped my fare card and moved toward the stairs. An old man – probably in his 80s, but probably not Wilfred Brimley – approached the […]

Twittering my life away (2009-05-25)

The Mohegan Sun commercials set to the song “Superfreak” make me never ever want to go there. # Apparently men are even more likely to be unemployed… fun times… #unemployment # Playing old Rush albums really loud because it’s the middle of the day and no one is around to stop me. #unemployment # […]

A good interview doesn’t always lead to a job

[Ben’s job search goes on, as much as he’d like it to end. The last time we heard from our hero, he was enduring new and exciting forms of rejection (nay, torture) at the hands of his HR nemeses. This time he fights back, a little.] Ben Breier, 23, was a reporter and web producer […]

Jobless and less and more, but also less

I wrote the following post for The Wall Street Journal blog “Laid Off And Looking” a little while back… Getting Help After Multiple Layoffs The piece discussed the Obama administration’s policy in Iraq and Afghanistan and the political and social repercussions in a nation fighting many battles at home and abroad. Or maybe it explored […]

A weekend when the weeks don’t seem to end

Weekends lose some of their punch in unemployment. Wifey is home, which, of course, is a good thing, even if I have to minimize the instrumental bleepy bloopy music and cat torturing. (For the record, they do purr while flying or scratching miniature turntables… or groan. Let’s go with purr.) But my Saturdays and Sundays […]

Twittering my life away (2009-05-18)

Is it football season yet? # I’m the only one at this meetup event without a pda. # The Mets have an afternoon home game tomorrow afternoon. I may have to take advantage of my #unemployment. # Would someone please make Boards of Canada release another album? # Hysterical tourism videos for Cleveland… and […]

Another note to HR… what part of ‘be nice to the unemployed’ did you not understand?

[Welcome to Ben’s second guest post. You may remember this talented yet unemployed media professional from his previous exploits in the job market. This article highlights some of his more recent experiences.] Ben Breier, 23, was a reporter and web producer for the New York Observer’s, a political news network that suffered massive cutbacks […]

What happens when I can’t afford a Mets ticket

Attending a midweek afternoon baseball game is the height of unemployment decadence. I developed a taste for it after my 2008 layoff. Shea Stadium – the New York Mets‘ old home field – was only a few subway stops from my apartment. And an upper reserve seat behind home plate could be had for $5-$10 […]

Meetup to learn and network

I’m not big on networking events, never have been. But a talented blogger I met out there in Blog-land and in person at a career networking event recommended I use The site lets people find others with similar interests and then organize meetings with them in the real world. (The MTV group, for example, […]