Twittering my life away (2009-04-19)

  • Watching the exciting conclusion of Rock of Love. I can feel the brain cells dying. #
  • NY1, a local NYC TV station, is running a story on me an my #unemployment blog today. Here’s the link… #
  • I guest posted on Wall Street Journal blog about networking during #unemployment. Please, please comment. Link… #
  • A subway musician on the 7 train is playing REM “Losing My Religion.” Haven’t heard that one before. #
  • How did #unemployment get so busy? #
  • They’ve been doing construction on the same store near my apartment for literally 8 months. Jackhammers make such a soothing sound. #
  • Flight of the Conchords was awesome. But why does every other person at every show have to be a tool? #
  • I just cleaned out the refrigerator. Is this what #unemployment has reduced me to? #
  • How is there already a mosquito in my apartment? Where are they coming from? #
  • The Lower East Side is as rough and tumble as the ball pool at Chuck E. Cheese. #
  • No matter how late I get to a concert, I’m still way too early. #
  • I committed a cardinal sin… I wore another band’s t-shirt to a show. #
  • I blame TNT for airing “Lord of the Rings” and wasting my Saturday. The force of the ring is too strong to resist. #
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