Monthly Archives: April 2009

Pyramid schemes love the unemployed

How did I become such a target for pyramid schemes? Is it the unemployment? It’s like I have a giant sign on my forehead that reads, “yes, I would love to partner with you to sell the latest space-age product that could save my life, and in the process receive triple-digit returns on my money […]

Twittering my life away (2009-04-12)

I had to lose my job to make the New York Times (#unemployment)… # There’s never a subway when you need one.A lot of outbound trains though. # Time for a cookie run. A little rain never hurt anyone. # Going to a cafe to live the stereotype. # There sure are a lot […]

Jobless and less (arbetslös och mindre) goes international

Sweden has given us so much over the years, but nothing as important as Ikea. The store, for the 12 or so people who live under a wifi-enabled rock, sells stylish furniture and home goods for people on a budget. I don’t know a single person whose home doesn’t include an Ikea product. In fact, […]

Perk-y jobs and the unemployed who love them

I need a job because I need money to pay my bills. I’ve grown attached to food, shelter, Netflix and other necessities of life. Life without access to every DVD known to man is just death by another name. My situation, like most people’s, is pretty straightforward. I’d love to make a lot of money […]

Layoff and the apartment that never was

Wifey told me one evening last week that someone bought our apartment. She was scrolling through a real estate agent’s website while awaiting her next turn at Lexulous. I was sitting at the dining room table a few feet away, probably screwing around with Twitter. I asked what she was talking about, as I am […]

New Forums section to discuss all things unemployment

I’m honored and amazed that my little unemployment blog draws such interesting and insightful comments. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to respond. It helps me through my day. I’m thinking that there are other valuable discussions out there waiting to happen among readers. Unemployment and the difficult economy touch everyone […]

Twittering my life away (2009-04-05)

Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #unemployment #layoffs #blogs because that’s how I roll. # It’s 60 degrees outside and the heat is on in my building. I love paying to be uncomfortable in my own home. # Doing taxes while unemployed really makes me feel like a productive member of society. […]

Career un-fair or I’m not that desperate yet
(reader’s choice)

This morning’s career fair was scheduled to start at 10:00. About that time I was sitting on a stalled downtown V train reading ads for law firms and lottery tickets and thinking John Roland and the Take 5 Little Bit of Luck guy might be related. They’re definitely both creepy. Traffic was light for morning […]

Procrastinating my way through unemployment

I just passed the 5-month marker on my road through unemployment (and this unemployment blog, for that matter). And what a wondrous journey it’s been; the places I’ve gone and the things I’ve seen will be with me always and forever. To be more precise, unemployment is a seemingly endless series of very short, circular […]