New Forums section to discuss all things unemployment

I’m honored and amazed that my little unemployment blog draws such interesting and insightful comments. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to respond. It helps me through my day.

I’m thinking that there are other valuable discussions out there waiting to happen among readers. Unemployment and the difficult economy touch everyone these days, and people definitely have things to say. Just as important, people can benefit from others’ comments.

So I’ve just launched a new Forums section to facilitate discussion…

Jobless and Less Forums

The link to the Forums section at top of the sidebar will get you there too.

Please visit and have your say on anything related to unemployment and the recession, or respond to someone else’s comments. Start a new topic and take things in a different direction or just follow along. I only ask that we keep the conversation civil and respect the views of others. Play nice. But beyond that, have at it.

We can help each other get through these rough times. And an open, constructive dialogue is a good place to start.

I welcome suggestions for improvements to the Forums area. Please send them to me at joblessandless[at]gmail[dot]com.

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