Monthly Archives: April 2009

Wall Street 2 is coming… no need to hide your money, it’s just a movie

I’ve heard for years that a Wall Street sequel is in the offing.  This is the first confirmed report I’ve seen… Douglas, Stone head back to ‘Wall Street’ Why not? If the actual Wall Street can reprise their crimes against the public every decade or two, then Hollywood should be allowed to too. It’s just […]

Unemployment has made me that guy

Who to talk to and who to avoid? This question has plagued humans since one caveman rolled his eyes at another grunting and pointing at a rock, and then tried to extricate himself from the conversation. “Look, dumb ass,” he was probably thinking, “I know what a rock is for. And when you shut up, […]

Twittering my life away (2009-04-27)

I seem to always stop on M*A*S*H whenever I’m channel surfing. # HILARIOUS! The new i-wood 3B. For all the times you wood rather stab someone in the eye than talk about 3G anything – # Why does every gym have to play remixes of songs I hated 15 years ago? # I just […]

Paying it forward – a little help for the unemployed

I’ve received lots of help from lots of people throughout my job search. And I am grateful. Without your support, I’d be unemployed AND feel ignored. Somewhere along the line I would’ve taken to drink to soothe my fragile ego. Alcohol – being the gateway to depravity and debauchery my teachers always claimed it to […]

Note to HR… be nice to the unemployed

[Welcome to my first guest post… pretty damn exciting. Ben is a talented and unemployed media professional looking for work in this difficult market. His article highlights some of his recent experiences, good and bad.] Ben Breier, 23, was a reporter and web producer for the New York Observer’s, a political news network that […]

The iPhone killer is here… meet the i-wood

Apple makes some great products. I have a Mac, and hope to buy another one when it explodes, spreading blog and job search shrapnel throughout the greater Jackson Heights area. The iPhones I see and hear on the subway, in the grocery store, at the gym and everywhere else that isn’t my apartment look just […]

The cycle of feeling sorry for myself

Every so often a funk grabs a hold of me, for no good reason. And not the sequined Rick James funk of awesomeness either. I feel sorry for myself. I lament my unemployment and the general state of my life. I start to envy all the things everyone else has and I don’t – big […]

Twittering my life away (2009-04-19)

Watching the exciting conclusion of Rock of Love. I can feel the brain cells dying. # NY1, a local NYC TV station, is running a story on me an my #unemployment blog today. Here’s the link… # I guest posted on Wall Street Journal blog about networking during #unemployment. Please, please comment. Link… […]

Unemployment is the birthday present I’ve always dreamed about

Being unemployed on my birthday is kind of a downer. I’m just sayin’… for anybody pondering unemployment as a celebration activity. Go with a nice dinner and a cake, or maybe a weekend in Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, there are some upsides – more time, less work, fewer responsibilities. But there’s also one major […]

Music for getting nothing done

The day just gets away from me sometimes. I woke up bright and early this morning with a nice long to-do list. I sat down at my computer after a few minutes, skipping breakfast, and got to work. Emails got sent. The site got fixed (I think). Distractions got resolved. And wouldn’t you know it, […]