Twittering my life away (2009-03-29)

  • Somehow I feel less unemployed on Sundays. #
  • Gotta love the neighborhood bar where the decor and prices haven’t changed in decades. #
  • Being unemployed, you’d think I would’ve done my taxes by now. And you’d be wrong. #
  • Why can’t I ever go to bed before midnight? #
  • 2 guys in front of me are talking about the benefits of success #
  • Twittering about someone talking about twitter is oh so meta. #
  • Look at all the people blogging.Wish my computer battery actually lasted. #
  • Why do SEM people think graphic designers don’t know what they’re doing? #
  • Turning to candy as a recession pick-me-up… #
  • My company is listed on my SES conference badge as “Unemployed.” #
  • The air at conferences is always so stale. #
  • So much SEM stuff to learn at SES, so little time. #
  • I might be the only unemployed person at #SESNY. #
  • Digital camera might be the most popular keyword example in presentations at #SESNY. #
  • The #SESNY wireless connection makes me long for dial-up. #
  • 405 Club’s networking event is going really well. #
  • People who wear wireless earpieces look like tools, regardless of industry. #
  • Networking in a loud bar is the quickest way to lose your voice. #
  • Stayin’ Alive is such a bad movie, but I might just have to wear one of those 1980s leotards to my next job interview. #
  • Seems like some people took off the last day of the conference. #
  • I want to be John Roland, compensated spokesperson. #
  • Pick this guy’s job title, as a way to get back at him for finding a job… #
  • I can’t stop listening to the Pet Shop Boys. Do I have a problem? Has unemployment finally broken me? #
  • Just went to a cool digital media panel at Fordham… Something unemployment lets me do. #
  • Sitting in Central Park on a beautiful day is almost like having a job. #unemployment #
  • I don’t think I’m quite rich and fabulous enough to visit the West Village, let alone live here. #
  • RT bsbnyc great april fool’s day e-card for the unemployed #
  • Watching the movie “Airport” and laughing at inappropriate times. All I see is “Airplane.” #
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  1. Pete Aldin wrote:

    Finally. Someone is using Twitter constructively.

    Monday, March 30, 2009 at 1:27 am | Permalink
  2. underemployed wrote:

    Heads up… In the last few days I have added every recruiter, head hunter, hr person etc in my industry to my linked in profile. I updated it to reflect my accomplishments, skills sets, picture, etc. Its AMAZING the amount of responses I am getting and how much effortless networking I am doing. There are MANY jobs being posted constantly. Pass that along and give it a whirl.

    Monday, March 30, 2009 at 9:34 pm | Permalink
  3. Mary Wishart wrote:

    Take a leaf out of my book…

    Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 6:35 pm | Permalink