Monthly Archives: March 2009

Search Engine Strategies from the cheap seats

I started the unemployment blog Jobless and Less to get back in the habit of writing everyday, improve my marketing skills and stay off the streets. My thinking was (and is) that beefing up the resume with relevant skills could only help in the job search. Months later I’m still unemployed and finding companies to […]

Twittering my life away (2009-03-29)

Somehow I feel less unemployed on Sundays. # Gotta love the neighborhood bar where the decor and prices haven’t changed in decades. # Being unemployed, you’d think I would’ve done my taxes by now. And you’d be wrong. # Why can’t I ever go to bed before midnight? # 2 guys in front of me […]

Networking event for the notworking… more unemployment fun

I hate networking events. Let me rephrase that. I despise networking events as the unholy creations they are. They fall somewhere below gefilte fish and riding the 7 express train during rush hour on a rainy day after a service delay. I’d rather perform an emergency tracheotomy on myself with a Bic pen. The what-I-despise-most […]

AIG bonuses are not the problem

It seems the country has gone and gotten itself all wound up about this whole AIG thing. Why do these greedy executives get huge bonuses – paid for by taxpayers – while everyone else is losing jobs, homes and retirement savings? Where’s my fair share, my big fat check? No, not the weekly unemployment check […]

Search Engine Strategies affords the chance to learn and network

This upcoming week may turn out to be the busiest of unemployment so far. In addition to lunch meetings, networking events and the usual job search activities, I will be attending Search Engine Strategies (SES) in midtown. This event is the leading international conference series for webmasters, digital agencies, online marketers and corporate decision makers. […]

Twittering my life away (2009-03-22)

My Planet Money indicator today is 0… the number of jobs I have. And a bonus lagging indicator is 4… the number of dollars in my pocket. # Unemployment may be high,but you wouldn’t know it from riding the train at rush hour. # RT @gyutae: How to Build Wealth Online Amidst Financial Chaos – […]

Will help the unemployed for money

It never ceases to amaze me just how many people want my money. There’s not that much of it, even when including the change jar, the Altoids tin for quarters and whatever the cats collect with their miniature coffee cups (and “will ignore you for food” signs) down by the subway tracks. The number of […]

A respite from March unemployment madness

I’m halfway through my fifth month of unemployment. Some days are better than others; some days are worse. Some days are productive, and some days feel like a big, fat waste of time and energy. And some days I struggle to get out of bed. Ever ride a roller coaster that isn’t much fun, makes […]

New York unemployment event

There might be one or two of you out there who are unemployed. I can’t imagine what the problem is given all the jobs I see and hear about. Why just this morning three recruiters accosted me in the subway station with promises of everlasting joy if I signed up with them. Alright, so technically […]

Federal government to the rescue

My dad left me a message the other day. He was calling to check in, offer some encouragement in my job search and mention an interesting piece of info he’d seen. A big employer is hiring, maybe the biggest. The federal government has all kinds of openings in various locations, across departments and industries. And […]