Unemployment music roundup

Major labels and the rest of the music industry are dying, or at least pending multiple organ transplants. But there is just an insane amount of great music out there for those willing to turn off the radio and open up a browser. Another browser, that is, as you should never navigate away from Jobless and Less – home for all your unemployment snarkiness needs.

My brother-in-law gave me a whole mess of new music a couple weeks back. Then there’s some stuff that I downloaded previously and forgot about. And some of my favorite acts have new albums pending (oh joy, oh rapture), which has pushed me back to their old stuff. So this is a longwinded, roundabout way of saying that my music listening has been all over the place lately. 

Neko Case – Blacklisted

This is my favorite album from this alt-country chanteuse and one of my favorite albums ever. But really, she’s batting 1000 so far. No pressure, Neko. No pressure.

+/- – Let’s Build A Fire

A little like The Walkmen or Silver Scooter, but more indie rock sounding. (Let me know if I should to compare it to other bands you’ve never heard of.) Solid, but doesn’t stand out yet.

Longwave – There’s A Fire

This New York band so wishes they were British. Don’t we all… So the fantasy works for me, even if the singer sounds like he’s singing from the bottom of a well half the time.

Voxtrot – Voxtrot

Bouncy, poppy and sometimes wistful. Sounds promising.

Glasvegas – Glasvegas

It seems someone gave some emotional Scots a couple guitars and a copy of the Grease soundtrack. And the results are surprisingly good.

Fennesz – Black Sea

Part of my ongoing effort to find more acts like Boards of Canada. This one is more floaty and less hip-hoppy.

Insides – Euphoria

My college radio station’s slush pile has yielded many treasures. This early-90s 4AD release hints at IDM. My tastes were a few years behind. Lucky for me I kept it. 

Beck – Midnite Vultures

White-boy funk-lite. I’ve been singing the line, “I think her name is Debra” to my cats for days now. 

Department Of Eagles – In Ear Park

Indie rock theatrics, but I’m not really digging it. I try it on for size every now and again to make sure.

Mogwai – The Hawk Is Howling

More distorted guitars that build, crescendo and fade. And some indecipherable singing now and again. Yet it works, album after album.

Radian – Juxtaposition

Just be Boards of Canada. Is that so hard?

James – Hey Ma

They went away and came back. And I didn’t really care. But the trumpet guy is back and so is the songwriting that made Laid and Seven so good. I feel myself starting to care again.

Kings Of Convenience – Riot On An Empty Street

Somewhere between Simon & Garfunkel and those Burger King Mushroom and Swiss commercials. Tasty, if you’re in the mood.

Morrissey – Bona Drag

Like I said, new album makes Norm listen to old album.

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