Monthly Archives: February 2009

My spam is better than your spam

Mmm, mmm, gross. Because my resume is posted everywhere, job sites, recruiters and job search companies spam the crap out of me. Some emails are intended to be helpful – 10 tips to improve your resume, 8 ways to turbo-charge your job search, 6 reasons not to drink whatever you find under the sink and […]

More opportunities for the unemployed

I just received an interesting email from someone at M80, who reached out to me on behalf of the new I don’t really know what’s new about it. Maybe it’s now a robot – a scary, job-finding, monster robot. But I digress. is running an exciting promotion with the NFL, so I figured […]

Temp to perm actually works sometimes

They’ll never know I’m not really working. My last temp assignment was in the office for a hospice-type care center. Hospice care essentially keeps terminally ill patients comfortable while they die. Some patients do recover or carry on for some length of time, but most don’t. On the official list of jolly, happy, fun-time places, […]

Jobless and less is more

I’ve always wanted to yell, “Are you ready to rock?” or “Thank you, (insert city name here)” from an arena stage, as bright lights and screams rain down. It seems I’m a little closer to my goal in Salt Lake City, UT and Pittsburgh, PA. An article about me and Jobless and Less by freelance […]

Demoted from the middle class

Keep it moving there, slacker. Ever feel like the world is just piling on? Not only am I unemployed, I got demoted again today. Scrolling through the day’s job announcement emails, I discovered that I am no longer middle class… N.Y.C. so costly you need to earn six figures to make middle class The NY […]

Sometimes people surprise me

Making good use of my unlimited subway pass, I hit the Midtown branch of my gym yesterday. The 11:00 a.m. weekday crowd is always light for some reason; maybe people have somewhere else to be. After my workout, I pushed through the wind and snow back to the train. The fruit guy—who was braving the […]

Free money, but you missed it (ha ha!)

Yesterday morning a guy calling himself Bailout Bill handed out money in Times Square. Amounts ranged from $50 to $5000, probably based on the recipient’s tale of woe or the quality of their performance. I was working out in a gym 17 blocks away, oblivious to what might be the only money changing hands in […]

Job interview routine, the morning of

Every batter has a routine – what he does to get ready for the next plate appearance. Some are elaborate and laced with crazy superstitions. Others are basic and pretty utilitarian. Getting ready for a job interview is like warming up in the on deck circle, without the million-dollar payouts for mediocrity. The time and […]

Short job interview, long train ride

I had today what might be the shortest job interview ever. Final determination from the Guinness World Record people is still pending; the Sarah Palin vetting committee may still have me beat. To give you a better sense of time elapsed, here are some things I did today that took longer… Cleaned up cat barf. […]

Layoffs from the boss’s perspective

As an expert in layoff-ology and a layoff victim many times over, I have difficulty empathizing with the people doing the layoffs. But I’ve never been in their position, nor frankly thought much about their plight. I’m usually too busy saying goodbye to co-workers and packing up my stuff to worry about my boss and […]