More opportunities for the unemployed

I just received an interesting email from someone at M80, who reached out to me on behalf of the new I don’t really know what’s new about it. Maybe it’s now a robot – a scary, job-finding, monster robot. But I digress. is running an exciting promotion with the NFL, so I figured I’d pass it along, corporate shill that I am. Don’t say I never gave you anything. Here are the haps…

In a nod to cubicle daydreams everywhere, launched the kick-off of an unprecedented NFL Director of Fandemonium search contest. The search is underway, with Monster accepting applications into a pool that will be narrowed down to 32 candidates who will vie for this once-in-a-lifetime position; a role that will offer a signing bonus of $100,000 and unique roles in the 2009 NFL Draft, 2009 NFL Kickoff and Super Bowl XLIV.

Fans can apply at – but time is running out as the entry deadline is 2/15/09!

Rest assured I will be applying for this too, though my cubicle daydreams are really just unemployment nightmares. If you choose to enter, be prepared to face a force more powerful than anything you’ve ever encountered… in all your experiences… with everything… ever.

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