Monthly Archives: February 2009

Despite staff layoffs, Redskins still offer record player contracts

Football season has been over for weeks. Pittsburgh fans are still starting fires in trashcans, though these days it’s to keep warm, not to celebrate their team’s championship. The Washington Redskins still managed to make headlines yesterday, with the start of the free agent signing period. On the day teams begin talking to available players, […]

Jackson Heights lows – the recession comes to town

My neighborhood – Jackson Heights – is more working class than many New York City neighborhoods, but more middle class than some others. It’s ethnically mixed but dominated by first and second generation immigrants from South America and India and other parts of Asia. Some significant portion of this group is undocumented, or they prefer […]

Jobless but keeping hope alive

Yesterday I received a very nice email that I’m going to share… I’m sure you are getting a bunch of clutter in your e-mail inbox due to your blog and you probably don’t need another piece of worthless e-mail that doesn’t help in your job search. That said, I wanted to say,”Thank You,” for your […]

The perfect day to be somewhere else

“There’s no place like home,” Dorothy once said, before becoming a drug-addicted gay icon. Maybe it’s because “home is where the heart is.” So does that mean if I try to go somewhere else, without my heart, I’ll die? It’s also true that “you can never go home,” unless you’re Bon Jovi. This presents an […]

Unemployment is the new Dengue Fever

It’s the slacking hour once again – that time of day when you should be doing something productive but you’re not, and you don’t care. Maybe you’ve been hard at work – head buried in memos and Excel spreadsheets – and need a break. Maybe the kids are down for the count and you’re aimlessly […]

My college just wants to take my money and make me feel bad

Every few months my undergrad alma mater sends me another edition of the college magazine. Anybody who’s given their college their current contact info knows exactly what I’m talking about. These magazines portray college life at your school today, at least a college life in which everyone is happy and studious and great things are […]

Layoff Tracker roars past the half million mark!

The Jobless and Less Layoff Tracker roared past the half million mark yesterday, landing at 548,549 announced layoffs. This is an exciting moment in the short history of my blog and the long history of our country. And by exciting, I mean absolutely terrifying.  It seems like only four months ago I was being laid off, […]

The stimulus package passed and I’m still unemployed (wtf)

Yesterday President Obama signed the new $787 billion stimulus package into law. And much to my chagrin, I’m still sitting at my desk unemployed. I thought for sure that the sky would rain $100 bills, all my school loans would be forgiven and the president himself would come by to give me the deed on a Manhattan […]

Everybody gets fired

We’ve all been there, some of us many times. My wife and I have close to 500 selections on our Netflix list, which we recently discovered is the limit. It’s not that we’re movie buffs so much as we like to keep track of things. So when one of us discovers something, it goes on […]

Unemployment music roundup

Major labels and the rest of the music industry are dying, or at least pending multiple organ transplants. But there is just an insane amount of great music out there for those willing to turn off the radio and open up a browser. Another browser, that is, as you should never navigate away from Jobless […]