Opportunities for the unemployed

I’m becoming a sort of repository for unemployment-related opportunities. It’s nice to have a purpose. And us unemployed types deserve anything we can get. Here they are…

  • A friend of mine is putting together an article for Proto magazine for Massachusetts General Hospital. She is looking for people who have lost their health insurance because they’ve lost their jobs. Leave me a comment to this post if you’re interested and I’ll put you in touch.
  • Recently laid off? You are not alone. The total number of jobs lost in the recession now totals 2.59 million. International TV company wants to hear your story and perhaps even follow your journey back to employment in a documentary. Send a brief paragraph about the job you lost and your plan going forward to mylaidofflife@gmail.com. Please include daytime contact information.
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One Comment

  1. Allison wrote:

    It may be too late, but I’m willing to help out your friend, as I fall into the category of people she is looking for.

    Tuesday, February 3, 2009 at 8:40 pm | Permalink