Monday music makes me morose

The holidays are officially over. Everybody’s done gone back to work and left me alone to wallow in my joblessness. At least I still have music. Sweet music, you haven’t left me, right? You’ll stay with me always. But you’re fading, getting softer. I can barely hear you. Is this the end of it all? Goodbye cruel… Oh, the song’s over. Damn you music and your trickery!

Beach House – Devotion
This is really just Mazzy Star as chamber music. I’m digging it, though I’m a little confused.

Chairlift – Does You Inspire You
I downloaded this because the song on the iPod commercial is so damn catchy. (“I tried to do handstands for you…”) Not a bad album, though that’s the best song.

Early Day Miners – Offshore
I’m sucker for any band with a morose-sounding, three-word name (Red House Painters, Great Lake Swimmers, et al). This one’s a little heavier, but does not disappoint.

Kiln – Holo [re/lux]
This is where we get into the ambient instrumental portion of our program.

Radian – Juxtaposition
A little heavier, but only like 2% milk is to skim.

Fluke – Puppy
A little heavier, like whole milk is to 2%. And add in vocals to distract me from my deep thoughts.

Radiohead – In Rainbows
This album gets just a little better each time I put it on. Given that I paid full price (they deserve my money), that’s saying something.

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