Jobless and even more

You may remember the post about how great I am (unemployment aside). How could anyone forget? Just in case you don’t have it memorized, I’ll pause here for you to read it and catch up…





Okay, you’re probably done by now. So writer Judy Martin just wrote about me too, on her Work Life Nation site. And this time I get the post all to myself, greedy bastard that I am. Here’s the link…

“It’s job security, stupid”: An unemployed maverick weighs in

This means now I’m even greater than I was before, and a maverick. Outstanding! If only I could get the heart of gold designation too, as in “he’s a maverick, with a heart of gold.” Then I would be complete. A maverick with a heart of gold doesn’t need a job. People would just throw money at me as I walk down the street.

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  1. Anne Michaud wrote:

    Hi, Norm. I just read about your blog, and I can relate. I started my blog when my husband was laid off for the fourth time last spring — the fourth time since 2001. I was just so fed up with the disruption in our lives, and I felt it was unnecessarily brutal to have to keep changing our health insurance, child care arrangements, my job, our home. And if I felt that way, you can imagine how he felt. Anyway, we seem to be weathering the latest downturn so far. We feel very lucky to have our jobs.

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  2. Anne Michaud wrote:

    My blog is located at

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