Monthly Archives: January 2009

More adventures in temping

My second run-in with temping came after my first layoff. I was toiling in obscurity, waiting to see what grandiose opportunity would present itself next. The internet bubble had just popped, and those who chased fast lives and huge windfalls were slinking back to the relative security of big corporations everywhere. The collective grovelling was […]

Want job security? Sell fruit in Manhattan

The fruit guy has more job security than I ever did. I’ve been laid off and unemployed 4 times in 8 years, but he’s still selling fruit on the same corner.

Opportunities for the unemployed

I’m becoming a sort of repository for unemployment-related opportunities. It’s nice to have a purpose. And us unemployed types deserve anything we can get.

Music for a crappy day of unemployment

Here are the sounds of my unemployment. Listen to my soundtrack and suffer vicariously through me. Or just read about the music and be entertained. Your choice.

Free cruise to nowhere

The free cruise to nowhere left New York and made a big loop. As one of the laid off and unemployed, I wondered how everyone could spend money so freely.

Jobless and even more

Employment blog Work Life Monitor has an article about Norm Elrod and his unemployment blog Jobless and Less. No need to congratulate me, just throw money.

The perfect job awaits…

The perfect job can take many forms. This guy is offering employment as a henchman, a nemesis. And I’m uniquely qualified. He’ll never know what hit him.

Unemployed and going to a weekday matinee

A weekday afternoon movie is possible when unemployed. But it’s about the most depressing unemployment experience you can pay for, even if the movie’s good.

Obama and the unemployed – nothing new but hope

What does an Obama presidency mean for unemployment? It gives the unemployed hope for the future. Unemployment blog Jobless and Less discusses the inauguration.

Temp agency work sometimes necessary, always sucks

Temping can make you a little extra money. But don’t do it instead of collecting unemployment. And keep your larger job search goals in mind.