More layoffs – even NPR hates its employees

If I had to name one entity that would not layoff employees, I would go with NPR. For all of you who live under rocks, they’re a left-leaning news organization that syndicates content to public radio stations all over the country. I get much of my news from their New York affiliate, WNYC. Anyway, here’s why this surprises me…

  1. NPR has (had?) tons of money, including $5 from me every month (thank you very much). And a few years ago they received a large donation from some widow whose husband created some restaurant. I’d never heard of it personally.
  2. NPR is run by bleeding-heart liberals, which means, theoretically, that they like their employees and want to do right by them. This could even mean incurring a little short-term debt so as not to leave people jobless (or at least, very worried) at Christmas.
  3. They’re a non-profit, so they’re not beholden to shareholders on a quarterly basis. They probably have a board, but boards tend to be more lax and let things float longer.

The article goes into more depth. And frankly, from a business standpoint, the layoffs sound like the right move. It’s still disturbing. Happy reading…

Hit by Recession, NPR to Lay Off Seven Percent of Staff

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