Companies have the unemployed right where they want them

I just applied for a position at a company whose name you’d recognize. Before filling out the online application, I was presented with the following message…

hey, before you send your resume, consider yourself warned: it’s not all fun and games here, at the crack of dawn and into the wee hours, we’re busting our butts because we believe in this, and we expect you to do the same. otherwise, you can stick to watching those infomercials in between dr. phil. with that said, welcome aboard….maybe.

That’s pretty brazen, and a tad obnoxious. In a good job market, could a potential employer get away with that? Maybe. There are always desperate people looking for work. In a bad job market, I’m guessing potential employees don’t even blink before sending a resume. We just have to take it.

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  1. it’s kinda disgusting how people feel it’s okay to revert to slave driving mentality because they know people are desperate, isn’t it?

    One thing about the recession is that it’s made the less enlightened feel comfortable to showcase their misanthropic tendencies.

    Is it too much to interview for a new job without promising prospective employers a pound of flesh for the pleasure of a paycheck and health benefits?

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m going to keep doing it until I’m forced to stop by finding my true calling (smile!)

    Monday, December 29, 2008 at 11:24 pm | Permalink
  2. VocationVacation wrote:

    I agree, and it’s kind of sick. At one of the many interviews I’ve been on since I lost my job, the three managers interviewing me bragged and laughed about being “workaholics” — and when I asked how they determine success, they replied “perfection.” Wow, when the economy was good I felt like no one had any time for anything but work. Now it’s even worse.

    Sunday, January 4, 2009 at 5:23 pm | Permalink
  3. You don’t want to work for those companies. They’re revealing a lot about the culture and what it’ll be like to work for them; be glad for the tip-off. I know that’s easier said than done when you’re looking for work, but at the very least, go into it without blinders on.

    Those companies are incredibly short-sighted. When the economy picks back up, they’re still going to need good people, and their good people are going to be out the door.

    Sunday, April 5, 2009 at 11:30 am | Permalink