Monthly Archives: December 2008

Music for the day off that should have been

What unemployment sounds like when your music tastes are as great as mine…

Without football, unemployment gets a little harder

A grateful fan’s lament that his team’s season is over

Companies have the unemployed right where they want them

Further evidence that employers (not the unemployed) have the upper hand

Merry Christmas, and get the hell out of my way!

Pushy Christmas shoppers in Jackson Heights

Unemployed and signing up for

An article about signing up for

Job site Mondays

Combing the job sites with your jobless tour guide

How to survive a layoff

Tips on how to survive a layoff

Radio is terrible

The only good songs I heard on the radio all week

The Internet owns me

My search for Internet access, so I can look for a job

A typical day in the life of an unemployed, but otherwise reasonably productive member of society

Typical day for someone who is jobless