Music yesterday (11/18, that is)

It would make more sense if I posted the albums for the day on the actual day. But that seems to be a little much for me at this point. I’ll add it to my list of goals.

And maybe some actual comments about the albums – is that too much to ask for? I think I can handle that one.

Here we go, for all you music geeks…

Voyager One
– Dissolver
It’s weird how certain songs and albums can put you in a certain place and time, kind of like smells. This puts me on the LIRR heading to one of my jobs. Not where I wanted to be necessarily, but still.

Golden Smog
– Down By The Old Mainstream
Wilco meets The Jayhawks meets Soul Asylum. I found this at the WFMU record fair a few weeks ago for maybe $1. Nice.

Sun Kil Moon – April
This one took me awhile to get into, like all his albums under whatever moniker. You just have to be in the mood for music this slow and depressing.

[The] Caseworker – When I Was A Young King
Kind of monotone and downtempo, but well done.

Mum – Finally We Are No One
Those wacky Icelandic types and their wacky machines.

A-Ha – Hunting High And Low
Yeah, that’s right, “Take On Me.” Big whoop, wanna fight about it? My first concert, or maybe my second. I’m so old I can’t even remember.

Pet Shop Boys – Very
To be gay and in the city… This is a great pick-me-up album late in the afternoon.

Spiritualized – Songs In A&E
Still stoned, still can’t sing and still putting out great albums.

Pernice Brothers
– Yours, Mine & Ours
Pretty close to a perfect pop album, tinged with just enough melancholy.

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