Do I really have to do this today?

I wasn’t really feeling the whole job search thing today. But I did it anyway. At least until that insidious Pathwords game on Facebook distracted me around dinner time.

Sending out an email late last night to ping my contacts and pass along my resume left me with a lot of replies in my inbox today. The good thing is that people responded with offers of help and words of encouragement. And one person reminded me that I need to help other people a little more, which I also appreciated. He pointed out that I all I ever seem to do is send out “help me find a job” emails. Believe me, it’s not like I want to be hitting up everyone for work.

While I’m touched that people took the time to respond, I’m also not sure what to do next. A long to-do list can sometimes lead to paralysis. I guess I need to just start combing through job listings online. I’m not convinced this is an effective use of my time. But I guess it just takes one employer.

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