Monthly Archives: November 2008

Unemployment, what you’re not missing

Office Space reminds me what I’m not missing being unemployed.

Even in unemployment I can’t get away from the Empire State Building

Story about how the Empire State Building seems to follow me

More Music (11/20)

Today’s soundtrack for unemployment

School networking events

Alma maters try to help me find a job

Networking for the Slightly Shy, the Reserved and the Downright Introverted

Story about a networking event about networking… so very meta

Music today… and by today I mean yesterday

The score to my joblessness

The 2nd thing to do after losing your job

You just got laid off – what to do next…

How long can they possibly work on my building?

The construction on my roof is driving me crazy.

Music yesterday (11/18, that is)

Unemployment – at least I control the stereo

What it’s like to be laid off

That moment when you realize you’re unemployed